German Shepherd Dog and Owner Reunited After Hurricane Laura

picture of Savage the German Shepherd

In late September 2020, Henry Roach, 51, of Louisiana was finally reunited with his German Shepherd “Savage” following the devastation of Hurricane Laura.

Roach and Savage were separated when Laura ripped through Louisiana toward the end of August. Roach, a former paramedic and Iraq war veteran, stated that he was forced to evacuate as the storm moved toward his home in Sulphur.

According to People, Roach was packing when he realized there wasn’t enough room in his truck for Savage. Roach had to evacuate himself and four other adults, including his mother, aged 88. He planned to return for Savage once he got the others to safety, but upon his return, a neighbor told him that Savage escaped when the storm collapsed a portion of the backyard fence.

Luckily, Roach learned soon after that another citizen had picked up Savage and had taken him to Calcasieu Parish Animal Services. However, the shelter had endured storm damage and transported the animals to an emergency shelter with the help of the ASPCA.

This emergency shelter is where Roach and Savage were finally reunited. The 6-year-old shepherd appeared overjoyed to be with his owner again, and the feeling was certainly mutual.


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