Puppies- Week 6 Update

6 week update:

Today the pups are 6 weeks old. It has been a very tough week. It is a good thing the puppies are so cute.

They get another round of wormer again today.

As some of you know who follow the blog- we’ve been raising them indoors. They outgrew the whelping box and wanted to be out of it, so we went to a sectioned off area of the living room near the back door. It was partially tiled and partially carpeted. Even with constant attention and layers of washable puppy pads, the rug became soiled. Shampooing was useless and it had to go before it became unsanitary. Pups need a good clean area. We probably should have moved them outdoors around week 4. But, it has been so much fun having them indoors, we decided to rip the carpet out- it is cement now and much easier to keep clean.

carpet removal
Goodbye, carpet.

They will have a nice head start on potty training. We’ve done absolutely no discipline, and have taken them out as soon as they wake up or eat, and once in the middle of the night. You can tell they really desire to have a clean living area, even at this early age. We’ve also had a lot of rain here in NC. And the puppies need to go out to go potty no matter what. So, below we have pictures of puppies in the rain.

rain puppy
Here is the black collared puppy.
wet puppy
Looks like this pup tipped over in a puddle- or maybe he just laid down on the wet grass.

Aura has played with the pups a lot this week, even joining in an occasional wrestling match. She’s laid around a lot the last couple of months, and now it is time to get her back into shape. 71lbs would be ideal for her. She was 75 before the pregnancy but could stand to lose 3 or 4 pounds. We had her out for a bike ride today which she really enjoyed. We didn’t jump into any major cardio- just let her go at her own pace. She was at a jog most of the time.


We set our fireworks off a bit late. Normally, Fina goes crazy when they go off, but this time, we finally got her completely relaxed and calm. You can teach on old dog new tricks.

GSD fireworks
Fina being calm as fireworks go off behind her.


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