German Shepherd – Pit Bull Mix Attacks 10yr Old Boy near Garden City Colorado

The mother of Chance Orozco sent her young boy over to a neighbor’s house to play with their boy on December 5, like he had done many times before. But, this afternoon’s playtime did not turn out the way it always did. The unthinkable happened – Chance was attacked by their German Shepherd/pit bull until someone saw what was happening and the police were called.

No mother ever imagines that when they let their child outside to play, they will end up in the hospital with several months of reconstructive surgery ahead. The neighbor boy’s father, who is also the owner of the dog, had him on a chain, but obviously, the dog was not raised to be friendly and playful with children. This tragedy has Chance still in Children’s Mercy Hospital in Aurora, CO; he has lost his left ear along with portions of his scalp and to clear his upper airway, he now has a tracheostomy.

Friends and family have set up a GoFundMe page for the future surgeries that Chance will need, and all donations are now being accepted.

Steven Orozco, Chance’s dad, has taken an unbelievably understanding stand on this incident as he told reporters that he does not blame the dog for his son’s injuries. He blames the dog’s owner because he says no one should raise a dog to be that violent. There is absolutely no reason for it, and Mr. Ortozco says the responsibility falls on him.

After the attack was discovered, the dog’s owner ran to the Orozco’s home to tell them that Chance had been hurt, and Chance’s grandmother immediately ran to find the boy in this horrific condition. She rushed him to Emergency, and he was immediately flown to Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Chance’s father says that no one knows how this maul started, but the highway patrol who answered the call knew the attack had lasted about 20 minutes. There is no ongoing investigation. It was such an unfortunate incident.


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