What do you call a Husky and German Shepherd mix?

There is no formal name for a Siberian Husky and German Shepherd mix; they are technically a mixed-breed or crossbreed, although, some people refer to them as a Gerberian Shepsky, Siberian Shepherd, or Husky Shepherd.

Are these good dogs?

I love all dogs. There are likely no responsible breeders intentionally pairing these dogs up. Shepherds should meet very strict guidelines before reproducing. I’ll answer this two ways:

  1. I know GSD studs with over $100,000.00 of training and showing into them before achieving Kkl1 (breeding status), and no, their owners are not going to intentionally breed them with a random female, let alone a completely different breed involved.
  2. Any dog with great human parents can be an amazing. If you are looking for a mix like this I would scour the web for unfortunate accidental breedings or keep an eye on local rescues.

If you are considering a mix like this you need to completely wrap your head around the amount of exercise the dog will need. If you are fat and hoping to get into shape this is not the dog for you. If you already walk around 35 miles each week and can provide an indoor home for this type of dog, then maybe getting a GSD/Husky mix is actually an option for you. If you are not a satisfactory parent, don’t even bother looking at the puppy pictures, because they are gorgeous.

What does a Siberian Husky and German Shepherd crossbreed look like?

Some people call these hybrids. The Husky side or Shepherd side can be more genetically dominant, creating a wide variety of looks. Here are some pictures we found of this mixed breed. They are pretty..

husky shepherd mix

shepherd husky mix


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