Do German Shepherds Behave on Farms?

Aura hanging out with some new friends.

I have had 2 German Shepherd Dogs and I can say that both have been excellent around other animals.

Except for cats that is. Well, my first GSD, Fina, was great around cats. We had them when we got her. Aura never saw a cat til she was 18mos old, and her first experience was not a good one. I am pretty sure crushing a cat in her jaws is on her bucket list. Sigh.

Anyways, we recently had Aura out at a friend’s farm. She does great at other people’s places and is very respectful.

It probably helped that it was July and 97 degrees. In those temperatures all she cares about is shade or getting to the coolest place she can possibly find.

She wandered around off leash and checked out some goats and cows but didn’t get too close. She didn’t mind the chickens- there were so many.

Here is a video of some GSDs hanging out with goats. These dogs have obviously had some extensive training…


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