3 Loose German Shepherds Severely Damage Audi in Ireland

Ask any owner of a German Shepherd and they will probably tell you that their dog has a ferocious appetite. Owners often report that their dogs will eat almost anything. They may also report that their dog has a tremendous hate of cats. It is these two facts that got a 72-year-old man into trouble with a Tipperary district court in Ireland.

Car Damage Found

Mr. Bill Daly who owns a garage reports that he heard horrible barking throughout one night. When he went out to go to work the next morning, he discovered that his Audi automobile had been badly damaged. Mr. Daly says that there was damage to the hood of the car. He also says that the car’s grill suffered damage and that one of the mudflaps had big bite marks in it. Finally, he told District Judge McGrath that the headlights to the car were damaged.

Damaged Captured on Tape

Daly reports that he watched CCTV footage of the damage being done to his automobile by the three German Shepherd dogs. They were after a cat that was taking refuge under the car. The cat eventually can be seen running away from the scene, but the dogs continued to attack the automobile like they still believed that the cat was there.

Neighbor Said Son Would Pay for Damages

Daly says that he confronted his neighbor John Joe Walsh who told him that his son Stephen was in Australia and that damages would be paid as soon as he returned to Ireland. Daly eventually took Walsh to court, and the 72-year-old man pled not guilty to charges.

Walsh’s Argument

Walsh maintained that the dogs were not his and that they were being cared for by Stephen’s brothers and sisters. When an investigator went to the scene, the elder Walsh, however, was in charge of the dogs.

The Court Finding

The court, however, said that Walsh who said he had trouble even feeding himself was responsible for the damage caused by the three dogs. The judge found that Walsh was responsible because he was in control of the property where the dogs got loose from on the night of the attack.

Walsh had the dogs put down immediately after the attack on Daly’s vehicle. The senior, however, was still ordered by the judge to pay $8,733.34 United States dollars for the damage caused by the dogs.


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