German Shepherd Stolen in Colbert Washington

Abbie, a German Shepherd, went out to go potty at 5AM, and when the owner, Charity Fielder, went to let Abbie back in at 5:45AM, she was missing.

Charity had a hidden camera on her property which she checked and it showed a man who stole her at 5:30AM. Below is a picture of the man allegedly involved in the dog-napping. (image credit: Twitter)

Apparently, Abbie was much like my previous GSD “Fina” and was very kind and would just walk up to anyone.

Unfortunately, the man took off with Abbie.

Anyone sick enough to steal a German Shepherd Dog obviously has no respect for the breed or their bond with their owner at all and should never be allowed to go near a German Shepherd ever again.

If you have information leading to Abbie, please let SCRAPS know.

Do you have information on Abbie?

If you know if and how Abbie was returned, please let us know in the comments section below.


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