German Shepherd Puppies, June 24, 2013 – Saying Hi to Fina

We’ve been letting the puppies out of their whelping box to wander around the house.

Apparently they are big enough now and Aura (mommy) doesn’t mind Fina poking around a bit.

Here is a pic of one of the puppies and Fina checking eachother out.

Fina first saw them about 36hrs after whelping. She instinctively knew what was going on. When she first came in she wanted to get a look by just curiously poking her head in, and Aura let out a deep warning growl to let Fina know that it was not ok. Fina got the message, and stayed away. She tested the box again a couple of days later and was met with the same response. She’s been very patient. Fina usually tries to herd Aura, but Aura was having no part of it, and always shielded Fina from coming near the box. So, here we are in week 3, and now that the puppies can get around, Aura has allowed Fina to sniff them and say “hi”, although she sits nearby and keeps a watchful eye on things. Fina will probably never enter the whelping box.

This is their very first good interaction- this puppy was wandering around the living room and put a paw on Fina’s muzzle. Fina moved her head down to say hi. They sniffed and sniffed for a good 15 seconds. Beautiful! 🙂

puppy and Fina


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