German Shepherd “Haus” Saves Girl From Rattlesnake

In May of 2016 a story began circulating the Internet about “Haus”, a dog who saved a family’s 7yr old daughter from a venomous Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake. The story is that 7yr old Molly as in her backyard playing when the Deluca family’s recently rescued 2 year old German Shepherd, “Haus”, was bitten by a rattlesnake 3 times. A GoFundMe page reads “They’re quite certain he was protecting Molly, because he did not back away keeping himself between the snake and away from Molly.”

Haus GSD
“Haus” The German Shepherd

Here’s a video of thew news story:

What is an Eastern Diamondback?

This bite occurred in Florida. The Eastern Diamondback can be read about more on Wikipedia here. This is what one of the snakes looks like:




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