German Shepherd Dog Rescued from Drowning in Florida

German Shepherds are known as natural protectors with a high level of intelligence, which makes them perfect family watchdogs. They also get high marks for being child-friendly, cat-friendly and being playful, so you can understand how upset the family of Broward County Deputy Doug Davis was when Shasta, their two-year-old German Shepherd, got out of the yard.

According to NBC Miami, when Davis’s daughter discovered she was missing, she immediately told her mother, who called her husband, Doug Davis. She asked him, if he had time, to be on the lookout for their dog as she had gotten out. Later that day, he called her back with the good news: “Yes, she’d been found!”

On Monday, January 8, three Broward County deputies responded to a call that there was a dog trapped in a canal near SW 7th Court. Sgt. Tom Watkins, along with Deputies Josh Stambaugh and Nezar Hamze, found a very scared dog in shoulder-deep water trying to stay afloat by treading water. They didn’t know at the time, but it was Shasta who belonged to their fellow deputy and his family.

After trying to coax her out, Deputy Stambaugh jumped into the canal and pulled the exhausted German Shepherd to safety with a long device used to pick up strays. Shasta had no energy left; she collapsed at their feet. The deputies brought her into the animal shelter and began to do some research on this beautiful German Shepherd. That’s when they discovered Shasta was the family pet of BSO Doug Davis.

Officer Davis then made the comforting call to his wife that Shasta had been found, and he brought her home to his waiting family. Today, Shasta is happy and healthy at home. The rescue was recorded on video as well.


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