German Shepherd Attacked by Coyotes Unharmed After Man Throws Coyote

On July 11, 2018, a Wisconsin man got a big surprise. He was sitting outside with his German Shepherd named Princess when she approached 2 coyotes. The coyotes then attacked the German Shepherd.

According to CBS58, the man tried to punch or kick a coyote but ended up grabbing a tail and a leg of a coyote and threw it after getting bitten.

Scott Schach was quoted saying “Somehow I got a hold of one of their tails, turned around she bit my arm, got a hold of her leg and I just flung her, just gave her a fling, she bounced off my pickup truck, went up the front windshield into the night and that’s the last I saw of that one…”

This story has a happy ending, as princess was taken to the vet but received a clean bill of health.

Coyotes can and will attack dogs, even German Shepherds, especially when there’s more than 1 coyote. In many cases, the coyotes attack after a curious dog comes into contact with the coyote(s). Coyotes have also been known to trick, sabotage and kill domestic dogs.


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