Best Deshedding Tool for German Shepherds

how to deshed your german shepherd dog

For 13 years I have used numerous combs and brushes on my German Shepherds. Today, I tried the Furminator for the first time and was AMAZED. If you are looking for German Shepherd shedding tips or want to know how to deshed your German Shepherd, read on.

Buy your Furminator from Amazon here.

The problem: Our house has been covered in dog hair. My truck has been filled with dog hair. Our beds, couches, and floor has been covered with…. dog hair! I heard that “The Furminator” was the ultimate tool for German Shepherds. BS, I thought, it is just a comb, how exactly is that going to be better than any $7 brush from the local pet store?

Wednesday, I finally broke down and bought one on Amazon Prime. I hesitated at first, after reading that there are counterfeit Furminators on the market, then, I spoke to Furminator directly who assured me that Amazon is an authorized Furminator retailer, just be sure to buy FROM amazon and not one of their affiliates. You can read more about counterfeit Furminators here.

Friday Aura’s new Furminator arrived!

new furminator

I unpacked it and put it to use! Here’s my Furminator review!

Here’s the gigantic mound of hair that was produced!

huge pile of fur
Is this thing alive?!

And here’s Aura with her brush:

GSD Aura and her Furminator
Gee, this is embarrassing..

About the Furminator

Buy your Official FURminator from Amazon here.

Furminators come in a variety of sizes. The link above takes you directly to the Official FURminator, sold directly by Amazon, in the correct hair size.

How was your experience with the FURminator? Feel free to let us know below.


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