Fenway Says Hi

Fenway sent us an email last night to say hi! (AKA Aries vom Hektor Haus) (aka the Red Collar Puppy from the A litter).

Fenway’s owner says:

Fenway is awesome!  He has such a great personality.  Def. a smart little one… He figures everything out & learns so quickly.  He loves to cuddle & stays right by my side all day.


We’re pretty sure the Red Sox won the world series this year because of him!

Fenway is 6 months old. He looks as sweet here as he did when he was 6 weeks old.
fenway and friends
Here he is again by the door, along with the 2 other males he lives with.

And here’s a pic of him from July 2013:

Red almost all dried off. I think he is wondering why we keep pointing the camera at him!


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