Does Donald Trump Have a Dog?

President Donald Trump does not have a dog. He is the first president in over since 1901 to not have a “first dog” in the White House. In early 2017, there were rumors of Trump getting a Goldendoodle however the plans never came to fruition.

Patton, the Goldendoodle

In January 2017, several media outlets reported that Donald Trump was adopting a Goldendoodle from his friend Louis Pope. Pope was quoted in The Washington Post saying that “Every president has a first dog … It goes with the presidency.” However these plans were never carved in stone and President Trump did not get a dog.

The goldendoodle in question was named “Patton”, after George Patton. Patton was a World War II general which Trump allegedly admires.

According to the NY Post, Pope fell in love with Patton and told Trump he couldn’t have him, and Trump replied by saying he had no time for a dog.

Apparently, Trump does not want a dog as there has been no news of a replacement since this news in early 2017.



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