What Kind of Dog was in “Big Jake”? Was it a German Shepherd?

The dog in this Western Movie starring John Wayne was a “Rough Collie”. In the movie, the dog’s name is “Dog”.

“Dog” is killed by a bad guy with a machete at the end of the movie.

In real life, the dog’s name was “Laddie”. According to IMBD, Laddie was trained by Robert Weatherwax and Rudd Weatherwax.

Bob Weathermax was given a PATSY Award for the 1971 movie “Big Jake”.

PATSY stands for ‘Picture Animal Top Star of the Year’ or ‘Performing Animal Television Star of the Year’.

In 2012 Bob put the award up for consignment on ha.com here. Screenshot from the plaque:

Bob was also the owner and trainer of Lassie and the original owner and trainer of the first “Lassie” from the 1943 MGM film “Lassie Come Home” and a handler for collies in the CBS TV show “Lassie”.

I’m pretty sure Laddie was a decedent of Lassie.

Laddie was painted for his role in “Big Jake”.

  1. Beautiful dog xx

  2. He was loved, no doubt by John & those who wooked with him! 🐕❤

  3. Glad to see article thought he might have been a Belgium Shepard. Wonderfully trained. How could one not love that pup?

    • Yes, I would agree on that. He was definitely NOT a Rough Collie. He’s black. Collies do not come in that coat color.

      • The last sentence of the article says: “Laddie was painted for his role in “Big Jake”.”
        I just saw the movie again last night. Great Dog! His fur was the same length as my rough collie.

      • Painted black

  4. Don’t forget the movie Hondo.

  5. Watching BIG JAKE right now, and “Dog” was not a Rough Collie, but did have a lot of Collie in him. He’s black and Rough Collies do not come in black. They are sable, tri or blue merle. Dog was extremely dark, looks almost solid black.

  6. The dog is smarter than the people posting on here, I don’t know what part of painting the dog they don’t understand so to put it as plan as possible the dog was painted black with black Krylon.

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