Do Dogs Face North to Poop?

Oddly enough, I just happened to snap this image of Aura dropping a deuce just a few days ago.

gsd poop

No, I do not always take pictures of my dog going poop. I am preparing to write an educational article about dog’s behavior when going #1 and #2.

During my preliminary research I discovered an article on the web which states that dogs align with earth’s magnetic filed when pooping. Yes, scientists did an in depth study on defecating dogs. In their defense, they didn’t set out to discover this, they were simply observing canine behavior and magnetic alignment.

Do Dogs Face North to Poop?

The research paper does indeed show that, in most cases, dogs do indeed face either North or South to go poop.

As I read the research paper I thought back to the community college where I walk my dog. The trail is 1 mile long. About 50% of the way around, she always suddenly stops to poop.

And now that I think about it, we start off walking Southeast, then East, then when we get to her favorite corner, she goes.

And it is indeed the first time we’re facing North on the walk.


That said, in this image, the one single image I have of my dogs pooping, she is facing West.


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