How To Deshed a Siberian Husky

The best brush I have found for my German Shepherd is a Large Breed Furminator. Huskies have hair similar to the German Shepherd and they’re always shedding. Recently, I had the opportunity to deshed a Husky and I used my Furminator and it worked perfectly. Huskies do blow their undercoat twice a year, and during those periods you will want to gently rake out the undercoat using a rake.

Here are the items you will need to groom your Husky. Be sure to use these links to get your items via Amazon Prime and avoid the fakes and knockoffs:

The Furminator.
I love supporting local pet stores, however, the Furminator is only about $20 on Amazon. I’ve seen it in stores for $65. This thing is a lifesaver.

Deshedding Rake.
Most Siberian Husky Dogs blow their coat twice a year. A deshedding rake will slide right through the top coat and grab all that soft undercoat and pull it right off. The coat blowing process may take a few weeks. When this happens, use a rake. Be careful not to poke your Husky’s skin with the rake.

Slicker Brush.
This is a good all around brush. Just like the rake, be very careful to not poke the dog with these fine bristles! Slicker brushes are good for removing debris and loose hair.

I really like this pinbrush and your dog should, too. Just pet your dog and detangle their hair at the same time.

Here’s a video of the brushing process:

Top Coat vs Undercoat.

The woolly undercoat helps regulate dog’s temperatures. Huskies, German Shepherds and a handful of other breeds have undercoats. Believe it or not, in addition to keeping dogs warm, the undercoat helps keep dogs cool. Huskies blow their coat as the seasons change. Some huskies blow their coat once a year or three times a year, but in general, this occurs twice each year. In a double coated dog, the “top coat” helps repel rain and dirt.



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