December 18 B Litter Puppy Update and News

So as of yesterday, December 18, 2013, the pups are now 26 days old! They are getting big. Mom has now been feeding them less and less. This is a rare shot of her feeding them. They are so big. We’ve been trimming nails, and I’m sure those puppy teeth do not feel good on mom. She’ll stay in there for a few minutes, then we’ll hear a growl and she’ll leap out of the box. She is still staying very close by the box, usually 2-3 feet away, listening, monitoring. Soon she’ll be ready for a break and we’ll take her for a good walk. With her paying less attention to the pups, they are paying a whole lot more attention to us! They’re now eating a few times each day- Royal Canin Maxi starter. We mix it with goat milk & water. When they hear us around, all 7 jump to attention and start begging to come out. We open up the floodgates and out come the pups, running around the livingroom. At this point in time, a 10 minute adventure is about all they can handle, and back to bed they go. This will all change very soon though. Bedding is now being changed out 3 times a day, and the amount of work going into this litter is about to drastically increase. We really didn’t want to bathe this litter, but they are probably going to be getting a bath in the next day or two. They have all jumped into the food bowl one too many times. 🙂

Aura feeding 26 day old pups.


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