Coastal German Shepherd Rescue Encourages Adoption And Volunteering

The Coastal German Shepard Rescue in San Diego is working hard to find forever homes for some very worthy dogs. Anyone who lives in Southern California interested in adopting a German Shepard is encouraged to contact this group for more info.

This group was officially founded in 2008 after splitting from the larger Coastal German Rescue in Orange County. Teresa Baltao, the main force behind forming this independent San Diego chapter, served as the group’s director until 2016.

Since the chapter was founded, the Coastal German Shepard Rescue has saved over 2,000 dogs. There are currently over 60 dogs on this group’s website ready for adoption.

More and more Californians are becoming aware of the Coastal German Shepard Rescue thanks to the group’s daily walks by California State University San Marcos. Folks driving on State Route 78 often see volunteers walking the chapter’s dogs in the early morning.

Curious drivers who see these German Shepard dogs for the first time often think there’s some kind of special event going on. The chapter has gotten so many questions over the years that volunteers now hand out official business cards to interested passersby.

This group has its main headquarters on Twin Oaks Valley Road in the San Marcos Kennel. Visitors can see the chapter’s dozens of German Shepard dogs housed here.

Most of the dogs here are abandoned dogs from shelters across Southern California. Families who feel they can’t care for German Shepard dogs anymore can send in their pets to this organization as well.

As long as the German Shepard is adoptable, this shelter can take him/her in. While this chapter can take in rescue dogs with medical issues, workers need to be able to care for that dog and ensure s/he won’t present any serious threat to a host family.

Wendy Lynn, one of the group’s many volunteers, hopes more people will give the older dogs in their shelter a new home. Even if it’s not from their shelter, Lynn recommends people adopt rescue dogs rather than more expensive puppies in malls. Lynn told reporters, “These dogs deserve a loving home, especially the older dogs who tend to not get adopted compared to puppies.”

Although this group already has over 40 dedicated volunteers, there’s always room for more. Feel free to visit this group’s website and fill out a volunteer application form if you want to donate some of your precious time.

This chapter hosts adoption events every Saturday all around Del Mar. The best way to find out about this group’s activities is to check out Here you’ll find information on the chapter’s dogs, adoption events, and contact information. To speak with a volunteer, you can always call this group’s hotline at (858) 779-9149.

Here’s one of their current Shepherds which is available, a white German Shepherd named Elvis:

Elvis, a white German Shepherd available via Coastal German Shepard Rescue as of July 2017


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