Best SUV Dog Barrier for German Shepherd Dogs

Someone who has one of our German Shepherd Dogs asked us today which dog barrier or dog seat divider was the best for their SUV. I happened to know the answer right off the top of my head. There are 2 seat dividers which will keep your German Shepherd from getting hurt or distracting you. One is much cheaper than the other but will not work for a rambunctious dog that wants to escape. So, here they are, in my opinion.

The best Dog Barriers for German Shepherds are listed below.

1. Paws n Claws Deluxe Dog Barrier

This dog barrier by Bushwacker costs $89. It straps to the seats in front of it, so it is ideal for putting right behind the second row of seats in an SUV. It installs in under 5 minutes and may be removed in under 2 minutes. This dog barrier is very sturdy. Unlike solid metal barriers, it will not press into your ceiling, and due to the way it installs it will not easily come loose or tip over on your large breed dog. You can see through it, too.

This one comes in 2 sizes, the first is for smaller SUVs and the second is for larger trucks and SUVs such as Chevy Tahoe and Suburbans.

Larger model:

2. NAC & ZAC Pet Barrier Net

This seat divider is only $23 and is often used by people who have trucks, or people who have SUVs and well behaved German Shepherds. If they aren’t going to try and break through it and you just want to keep them (and their hair) in the back, this is the dog barrier for you.