How To Bathe your German Shepherd Dog

There is no right or wrong way to bathe your German Shepherd Dog. There are, however, a few things to be aware of.

First, your dog probably won’t need that many baths. I bathe Aura about once every 2 or 3 months.

Second, if your dog has a stinky odor it could be due to inflamed or infected skin. Bacterial and yeast infections can cause your German Shepherd to have a strong odor, and so can a poor diet.

Cleaning your German Shepherd’s Ears:

When I bathe my German Shepherd Dog, I start with cleaning her ears. My last shepherd, Fina, used to have really gunky ears, and they needed to be cleaned once a week. She also had chronic skin issues. Our second shepherd, Aura, has really great skin and ears. I generally only clean Aura’s ears at bath time. When I clean her ears I use Verticyn. I used to make my own cleaning solution but this stuff is cheap and works great. Just follow the directions on the bottle to use this product.

Nail clipping.

Next, I clip her nails and file them down. I use a Dremel to file the nails down and it is done very quickly.

Shampoo selection.

There are all kinds of really great shampoos out there.

I’ll add them to this list asap.