C Litter Update – Purple, 46 days old

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?


Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful..


Purple girl was the second born. She loves being with us. She is just a great all around girl and we couldn’t be happier with her. She is enjoying her brothers and sisters and is ready to have a place to explore of her own!

Unfortunately this video came out a bit upside down but here is Purple running around in the kitchen!

Recently, Blue and Purple’s hair has grown a tad longer than the rest, and they are not true “long hair” GSDs (the shaggy GSDs lacking undercoat).. (Nothing against shaggy GSDs, I think they are awesome). If anything Blue and Purple will have a really nice rich color to their fur and be slightly “plush”.

You may remember Light Green from our last litter, she had very long hair and I was convinced she was a “long hair”. Here she is; she looks like she just put her paw in a light socket:

I was shocked: upon this news, people from all over the country called in! But, I was mistaken, in fact now she looks just like Aura, or maybe even better! Here she is all grown up:

light green

I am pretty sure Blue & Purple are going to look either just like mom & dad or possibly with hair that is a tiny bit longer.They are going to be really, really, beautiful dogs. (They all will be!)



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