C Litter Update – Blue

I think this week we’ll try to get some individual pictures up.

Over the last few days colors are changing, personalities are shining, pups are really wanting human interaction. Especially this guy, he loves following me around everywhere that I go and playing tug of war. He is super engaged.

Before continuing, I must warn you, this is going to be the cutest puppy picture you’ve seen all day long.

You might want to take a seat.

And BAM! Here it is:


I never know how they’ll turn out but I do believe he is going to have the sought after mask that previous pups have had.

And here’s a video:

See? I told you follows me everywhere!

I do almost zero training but today I did use very small pieces of sardine as treats. As you can see, after they see the treat, just moving it back over them where they have to sit down to see it is an amazing little trick. That there in the video is literally the first time he’s ever sat for food. If you do this with an 8 week old pup and throw the word “sit” into the mix you will have a pup that knows how to “sit” in about 5 minutes flat. Of course, I’ll leave this for the new owners.

Blue is super gentle and he makes sure to not bite my fingers. Some of the girls are still learning the power of their teeth but they will get it soon, that, or I’ll just continue to get bit I guess. 🙂

Recently, Blue and Purple’s hair has grown a tad longer than the rest, and they are not true “long hair” GSDs (the shaggy GSDs lacking undercoat).. (Nothing against shaggy GSDs, I think they are awesome). If anything Blue and Purple will have a really nice rich color to their fur and be slightly “plush”.

You may remember Light Green from our last litter, she had very long hair and I was convinced she was a “long hair”. Here she is; she looks like she just put her paw in a light socket:

I was shocked: upon this news, people from all over the country called in! But, I was mistaken, in fact now she looks just like Aura, or maybe even better! Here she is all grown up:

light green

I am pretty sure Blue & Purple are going to look either just like mom & dad or possibly with hair that is a tiny bit longer.They are going to be really, really, beautiful dogs. (They all will be!)



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