C Litter Update – 50 Days Old

Today the pups are 50 days old!

Over the last few days they have transitioned over from their starter feed to puppy food which they will be on until at least 15 months of age.

We gave them the create a couple of days ago and they have all taken turns sleeping in it. The door is open at all times.

Tomorrow morning they go to the vet to get a full health exam, first shots, and microchip. Sometimes the vet puts funny things on our paperwork such as “dirty”, etc- they are well cared for, we intentionally do not wash them to keep their oils on. They’re pretty clean this time around though!

Yellow girl has a tiny problem at the end of her tail. We think Mom may have trampled it once a week ago, or maybe another pup chomped it, we’re not sure. It could have happened at birth but we would have noticed it by now.. We’re anxious to see what we can find out about her. There is zero visible damage toward, but if you run it through your fingers you can feel a small bend towards the very end. This is a completely invisible imperfection and will probably remain that way forever. Yellow is not spoken for just yet. We’re still up in the air – every litter we are tempted to keep a puppy back, but we love having 1 Shepherd. Maybe if we did keep one it would be Yellow.

After we’re all in the clear we will put up a thorough post detailing which food they are on and contact owners with their first paperwork from the vet and start scheduling pickups! Aside from Yellow, we’re not predicting any issues. There is a lot less bacteria around in the winter and all ears look nice and clean, too. We hope the vet remembered to wear her shoes with no laces, because these pups love shoelaces!

pupies around crate


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