C Litter Update – 27 Days Old – Picture Heavy

Today the German Shepherd Puppies are 27 days old!

Their bedding is getting changed out 2 – 3 times a day at this point as they now go potty on their own (and have become very good at it! 🙂

Here they are eating dinner:

pups eating dinner

We have been letting the pups out to play. Here they are just after dinner whining to be let out. This was the first really good whine-festival that they’ve had. We shot this quick video and them let them out to play. They played for a good 5 – 10 minutes before passing out all over the blanket that we were sitting on. It is great watching their energy levels grow- they gain just a little more energy each day. In the video the orange collared girl is whining the most. As soon as she came out she ran all over the blanket and wagged her tail a lot and was a very happy puppy. She was also the last pup to fall asleep! They will crave more and more time with us humans as time goes on. Here’s the video:

After they were done playing they all passed out. We put one in the whelping box and Aura went in to feed the pup. Their front baby teeth are now in. She doesn’t like feeding them all at once, but sometimes she’ll sneak in to the box when they are asleep. 1 or 2 pups will get on her, and by the time they fall asleep 2 more get on. If she just jumps in they will go into a feeding frenzy and she’ll RUN away- it must be painful! Anyways, after she was comfortable with 1, we added 1 more, then 1 more, until all of them were in with her and calmly feeding. They will literally lie on their sides sleep-feeding! She stayed in with them a good 2 or 3 hours. Which is very good news, as Aura still has a TON of milk. We can tell she will be weaning them off completely shortly.

Below are 2 pics of each of the pups! (in their birth order)

Pink girl

20150112_203144 20150112_203136

Purple girl

20150112_203210 20150112_203216

Blue boy

20150112_203257 20150112_203252

Orange girl

20150112_203317 20150112_203353

Black boy

20150112_203424 20150112_203430


20150112_203458 20150112_203511



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