C Litter Update – 14 Days Old

December 30, 2014. The pups are 14 days old!

We have had it pretty easy (so far).

Aura still stimulates them to go potty. They are starting to get more mobile but not completely “walking” just yet. I’m not sure how great their vision is but they seem to recognize us, or at least understand that we’re the “creature that is not mom” that handles them. They seem to get bigger every 5 minutes. We have been loosening collars almost daily now to make sure they have plenty of breathing room.

Aura has been super protective this litter. If she even hears a raindrop outside she starts barking at the ceiling. These must be the most well protected pups in the world. She’s never tried to “herd” us before but when she knows one of us is on the way to the whelping box she will actually stand in the entrance. She’ll move (for us) but it is still much more protective behavior than she has exhibited in the past (and before I described her as a “bear and her cubs”).

Aura just finished her final round of dewormer. She gets it prior to birth, 2 days after birth, and 2 weeks after birth, as prescribed. She has been eating a TON lately. We supplement her puppy food with cottage cheese and chicken and other proteins.

The Royal Canin MAXI-Starter food is on order and will be in this week. That is what the pups will be on when they begin eating. I would put Aura on it but she doesn’t handle it too well. It seems so far away but it will likely happen in the next 7 days or so (pups “first meal”). We’ll have to record their first meal- it is usually pretty funny watching a puppy learn how to eat and drink. A couple of the pups will walk into the food or tip over in it. They’ll sniff it and sniff it until the finally figure it out on their own, then they will eat until they are physically fattened up and tip over and sleep.

I shot some tiny videos today and will get them uploaded to YouTube shortly.

Today’s pic is below.

Yes, the puppies are huge.

Yes, those are the same puppies she had 14 days ago.

No, Aura wouldn’t smile for the camera today- I just got the look. I’m pretty sure it means “No, I’m not going to smile for the camera today.”

aura and puppies

Have a Happy New Year!


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