C Litter Pupdate – Day 54

These puppies are loaded with energy.

They really want their one on one time with us at this point. We have been taking them out one at a time and letting them run around the house for a bit each day.

Their romps around the back yard have turned into hour long sessions. They are at that point where they are ready for their new families. This week we are scheduling pickups for the end of this week and next.

They love their little den (the crate). It is occupied at all times. As soon as one pup walks out of it there is another pup in it within 5 seconds.

Their wrestling matches are excellent socialization. From a few feet away they sound like wolves ferociously fighting at times, but it is 99% noise. The noise usually last 5-10 minutes, then, complete silence, as they all fall asleep into one giant pile of cuteness.

Their ears are doing really cute things this week- sometimes one will be up, or they will both be folded over the top of their head, etc. If I recall correctly this will continue for a week or two and then they’ll flop back down until they come up all the way- or something similar- they really are all different in this regard.

Here are a few pics:

GSD puppy
Hello! (I’m not sure which pup this is).
GSD Puppy
Orange girl. She thinks “why does this guy keep pointing his phone at me?”
puppy in crate
Haha! Just lying there on their back. They heard the camera go off, came running out, and another pup darted into the crate.




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