C Litter is Sold Out

soldoutThe C litter is sold out.
If you are in the market for a pup feel free to email us, we do may friends with upcoming stars.

So far so good.
We have hear back from half of our new puppy owners. For the rest- we’re assuming no news is good news. Hopefully in the future we get some pics when they start to grow up.

We are finally done with this adventure. We are extremely grateful to Aura. Aura is a little over 4yrs old and will live out the rest of her years spoiled, passed out on the couch, and going everywhere with us. We had 1 pup here a bit past 8 weeks and she played, and played, and played. I think even Aura was puppied-out.

By now most of the pups should be fairly potty trained. We’ve had mixed reports. Here they went outside but we proactively got them there, but the area was smaller. In a larger area, such as having full reign of a home, they may find a nice quiet place to take a #1 or #2, but, they are very eager to please and learn fast, so that is great. Crate training has gone excellent from what we’ve heard.

Sorry for the lack of updates here, we have been dealing with some computer issues, we are straightening them out now.

The latest WordPress upgrade wiped out the site’s “theme” – aka “skin”. So, we are working on getting a new one in place. The one you see now is temporary. Bear with us!

If you have emailed us, hang tight, no email has been compromised and we will catch up in the next couple of days, just some upgrades we did broke everything is all.

As mentioned before we were waiting for some litter certificate copies to arrive. They are here and will be mailed out asap. Registration of individual pups is completely optional. It is 30 bucks and you will get a neat certificate to put in their room. Ok ok they do not have their own room. Do they? 🙂

Fish oil.
Aura has no skin issues and neither does Ando. However. This winter has been extremely cold in NC. We have a high efficiency propane heater in our home which has been making the house as dry as a bone. The humans here have been suffering the most. Eventually, after a bath, Aura get a bit dandruffy. We rubbed her up with coconut oil and gave her fish oil capsules in her food. After a few days she is nice and soft. We’re not sure which one helped. I had also been throwing olive oil into her food. Who knows, but, the itchy is gone.

During weeks 6 – 8, I’ve stayed up at night unable to sleep before wondering about the “buts” and “what ifs” and imagined the pups at their new homes, worrying about every possible scenario. But, relief is here, and, they have all gone to great homes. I’m sure there will be plenty of memorable ups and downs. If your puppy is driving you nuts, put a harness on them and walk them for 15 minutes- it will result in a 4 hour nap afterwards. As for the pups, Aura and Ando make an excellent pairing, and we have done absolutely everything in our power to do the very best that we could. So, good luck C litter!!!


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