C Litter Boys – 5 days old

Dec 21, 2014 – Not a whole lot to report just yet. The puppies are now 4.5 – 5 days old. They eat, they sleep, they eat, they sleep, they eat, they sleep. They curl up by mom or with each other. They have been doing great taking turns- there are usually 3 or 4 pups on Aura and 2 or 3 snuggling with each other. All pups added about 33% to their weight in just the last couple of days.

I can put my hand in with them and they squirm around for about 4 seconds and pass back out right in my hand. They know “the hand”. They must think “Oh here is that warm person with no milk for me. I guess I’ll just go back to …. Zzzzzz……..”.

I should probably note that the pups start off mostly black and as time goes on the colors will change. Also, as seen in the pic, blue has a tiny white spot on his chest and that will go away as well. 1 or 2 of the girls have white toes- this all happened on the B litter. (some people really like or dislike the white, but please disregard it because it won’t last).

Another side note: the C litter boys are spoken for.

We’ll get pictures of the girls up here soon!


Black collar
Blue collar
aura and puppies
Here they all are. Aura turned her head as soon as I snapped this pic. Yellow is passed out on her arm. Black is trying to tunnel underneath her from up front, and the other 4 are just drinking away. I think Aura has about 2 gallons of milk ready for them!


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