Bobcat Attacks German Shepherd in Arizona

July 2017: A man was walking with his pet German Shepherd Dog when an unusual animal attacked the dog: a bobcat.

Steve Verschoor happened to be driving by and lept out of his vehicle to assist the German Shepherd Dog and their owner. Wearing only flip flops, he attempted to punch the bobcat and remove the feline from the dog with his bear hands. Unfortunately, the cat then sank his teeth in to Steve’s hand.

You can watch this all unfold in the shocking video below:

Steve twirls in circles in pain while the bobcat hangs on like a pit bull.

Bobcats are not normally the type of animal to be out and about in the middle of an afternoon in Arizona attacking humans and dogs.

Later, the bobcat would be shot by police officers and it would be confirmed that the bobcat had rabies.

Steve is currently undergoing rabies treatment and is expected to recover from his injuries, and the German Shepherd is doing ok as well.


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