Black Collar Puppy Sept 5 2013

We’ve been hanging on to the black collared puppy for a while now. We just realized our website said we were sold out of the “A litter” and technically we were, but we do have the black collared pup available. We are so tempted to keep him as he is absolutely perfect. He is available to a fantastic home that will give him the attention and exercise needed. He was sold prior to 7 weeks of age but at pickup time someone decided they would not be able to take him due to a change in their job position. His muzzle is nice and dark and he is loaded with energy. He’s available for the moment until someone grabs him or we change our mind again. We’ve been calling him Armin although his official A name has not been registered yet.

At the time of this pic he was loaded with energy so we’re trying to get him to hold still.
Something on the ground has his attention and he has an ear up- plus when his head is down the ears flop forward. He is going to be absolutely gorgeous.
Pic of him in the shade. His muzzle is awesome.



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