Bibb County Alabama German Shepherd Police K9 “Bodie” Takes a Bite Out of Crime

While the department often lends a hand to other agencies, the Bibb County Sheriff’s office is the only agency in the country to have a dog that is certified as both a tracking and a drug dog. The dog who is named Bodie is a 3-year-old German Shepherd who works with his handler Brad Johnson.

Dog and Partner Remove $30,000 in Street Drugs

Bibb County Sheriff says that dog and his partner are responsible for removing $30,000 of drugs off the street in 2017. During the year, the dog searched 150 cars resulting in 90 arrests for narcotics. While no one is quite sure how Bodie who seems quite content feels, Johnson says that he is very proud of the job that he and his dog does. He says that is drugs that do not end up going to children.

Johnson says that Bodie can sniff out seven different types of drugs. Most importantly, he can sniff out drugs that appear to have no odor to the human nose.

Bodie is also responsible for helping capture five suspects who were trying to flee an arrest scene. The dog has also been used to look for missing people in the area.

Bodie is not the only dog to be on the force at the Bibb County Sheriff’s office. Last year, the agency got three other dogs using money obtained from the state. Each officer is given the dog for life, and they develop strong working relationships with them. When the dog retires at about 10 to 14 years of age, then they normally live with their deputy the rest of their lives.

This isn’t “Bodie” but this is indeed one of the Bibb County Sheriff’s German Shepherds found on their Facebook page:

Deceased Officer’s Family Gets to Keep Dog

Last year when Deputy T.J. Freeman was killed while pursuing a suspect, his dog was given to Freeman’s family. The dog was in the vehicle when the suspect rammed the car sending Freeman into a nearby brick porch, tragically killing him instantly.

These dogs and others like them are making tremendous impacts across the county. Yet, Bodie is unique because he is the only dog in the nation certified to track and find drugs. He also does a great job apprehending suspects.


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