What is the Best Pinch Collar for a German Shepherd?

The best pinch collar for a German Shepherd Dog is Herm Sprenger Pinch Collar. Herm Sprenger patented the collar in the 1800s and they’re loved by dogs and used by trainers worldwide.

Herm Sprenger collars are German engineered, made in Germany, chrome plated, and the rounded blunt ends are soft to the touch.

These are the two Pinch collars (aka pronged collars) that I use on my German Shepherd:

1. The Herm Sprenger Ultra-Plus Training Collar

Buy this collar on Amazon here. Coming in at only $19 and featuring a lifetime warranty, the chrome plated, corrosion resistant pinch collar could be the best collar in the world. This is the size collar I use on my 75lb female Shepherds. pronged collar
2. The Herm Sprenger with Quick Release

Buy this collar on Amazon here. I now use this $25 collar as it has a quick release making it easy to put on and take off of your German Shepherd Dog.

Do pinch collars hurt your dog?

No, but, a pinch collar should only be used when walking or training your dog. You MUST take it off after each and every use.

Feel free to read about my first experience with one of these collars and how my dog immediately quit pulling on her leash and became extremely calm with her collar on. That’s right, a pinch collar cured her anxiety of fireworks and noises!

The pinch collar was the nicest things I’ve ever gotten for my totally spoiled German Shepherds and there is absolutely no pain inflicted on my dog at any time.

Sizing your pronged collar

Proper fitting of the collar is extremely important or it just won’t work right. The pinch collar must sit at the bottom of the dog’s skull. This video I made below explains better than I can here:

While the collars fit my Shepherd just right, you should measure your Shepherd’s neck and order additional links if needed. Or, just order the collar and if it is too small buy additional links online. However, the collars listed above worked great for me. In fact I had to remove links to use the collar properly.

  1. Pinch collars are actually painful for dogs. They also cause negative associations with stimuli when used for training. German shepherds are a sensitive breed and should only be trained with positive reinforcement methods. I was incredibly disappointed to this this article on this website.

    • Hi Donna,

      If you have hurt your dogs with one of these collars I would look into the proper use of these collars. You should not be causing any type of pain or negative associations with the collar.

    • Having trained countless gsd’s for the police and army i can honestly say if your hurting any animal with these types of collars you should not have this breed the collar is designed to pinch when the dog thinks he is in control and wants to pull away the collar reminds the dog their not the alpha of the pack and that you are

      • Do you still train GSD? If you do I’d be very interested in hiring you for mine

    • U R an ass, if you have a true German Shepherd & not from a pup mill, they’re assholes, hard headed & want 2 be in control until taught!!! My dog who is 8 months old & WAS a total butt, this pinch collar it truly is amazing, if ya can’t control your dog as ya want 2 B politically correct I guess it’s gonna b crazy, control your GSP or you’ll pay 4 it eventually, not being rude but, learn 2 control that beautiful puppy

  2. Quick question, can I run my dog with this collard on ?
    I run my dog while bicycling. Thank you !

    • Since prongs are typically used for heelwork training with precise corrections, I wouldn’t recommend using one on a run. It might be a good idea to obtain a solid heel using a prong and reinforce off leash training with an electric collar. Best of luck!

      • cycling with my GSD is a special time of enjoyment for the dog When the dog is running, he loves the feel of the air, the work of the muscles, so much, that he is not as interested in normal distractions (passing other dogs, cars, noises, etc.). Very little need for corrections. In the past, with a team of 4 Malamutes pulling sled, they settle right down & enjoy pulling & running because that is what they were made for, ignoring distractions, again, once trained, very little correction needed – they love to work. When on a bicycle, I use a short chain leash (grip around my wrist & chain, all about 18” long), clipped to a pinch collar or choker, maintaining a firm, tense arm, to be ready for any pulls in the wrong direction. The dog learns fast to enjoy the exercise & ignore distractions, few corrections. Please don’t over heat your dog in hot, sunny weather. As for pinch collar for training – it is power steering compared to other collars, as long as the length is adjusted properly. Like people, when a dog is in the middle of ‘working’, they become focussed & can enjoy activities better. People like Donna make the first mistake about dogs – humanizing ‘feelings’ in the dog like her own feelings. She should not own a dog … that kind of person will ruin a dog.

  3. The dog I have had two options be put down or wear this collar. Whilst in someone else’s care he bit someone quite badly. Have analysed it over and over as to why. Possible PTSD from the loss of his best friend (and mine) Big strong dog that no one else wanted. I am 5ft 9st he is 10st. I suffer with a disability. Had no choice, I have to use it. It does not hurt him, he still pulls, the only way to hurt them is to let it slack and snatch it with a lot of force upwards from what I have seen. Then it is a yelp that barely deters him. If used right it does not hurt. Alternatives to him being murdered greatly received if I am so wrong to use this collar recommended by police dog handler. I haven’t eaten meat for 34 years since I was a child. Only gave up being a vegan because I was really ill so I am a life long animal lover.

  4. I want to use collar for my dog but this collar does it hurt my dog because of a stab in the neck when he run?

  5. Hi we use pinch collar for our GSD one year old ,he just wants to chase them ,the collar has improved him but still pulling a little to chase ,any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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