Massive B Litter Update with Lots of Pictures

You asked for pictures, and here they are!

I can’t be sure if this is red or blue. We took the pic yesterday evening. I loved it though and wanted to share it. It took about 30 shots to get this picture! Who do you think it is?

It is currently VERY cold in North Carolina. Just before these images, the pups went outside, ate lunch, and chased me around the yard until they were pooped. I got them inside, and they snuggled up and passed out. So take note, some of them look pretty drowsy in these images. Make no mistake though, they are very alert and lively pups!!

* If you want a high resolution version of these just email me.

* Sorry some of them have dirt on their nose, they were playing hard outside.

* They are in order of age. Red was born first!

* We call them “red” “green” etc to identify them by collar color. They are collared at birth and tracked daily. At older ages we watch for personalities to appear.

Red! This guy follows me everywhere and snuggles with me at night. He is great. He is going to have a really nice mask!! Red will be going to a home here in Pittsboro, NC.
pink puppy
Pink! She is an extra sweet girl. She was the first girl and got the girly-est color. She is moving to Holly Springs!
green puppy
Green is our big boy. He is just a well rounded pup. I love his face. I had to wake him up for this picture, and now he’s wondering why I’m snapping my fingers in the air.
purple puppy
This is our very curious girl. If we set her down, off she goes, sniffing around the house, looking for new scents. She found the Christmas tree interesting the other day. Another beautiful dog. She is moving to California.
orange puppy
Orange! I can’t get over how beautiful every puppy here is. Orange is in the middle of her nap, too! She is moving to Chapel Hill!
dark blue
Dark Blue is full of life an energy and his tail is always whipping back and forth. Like green, he is just very well behaved! Right now he’s wondering what the heck is going on, but rest assured he is VERY playful. I’m pretty sure the image at the top of this page is him.


Light Green
This is our huge, long haired girl! An incredible 1lb 6oz at birth her long hair makes her look even larger than she already is! 

Time has flown by with these puppies! Most of them have their homes selected already and are going to really, nice, loving homes.

More news soon!



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