B Litter is Sold

The B litter is sold out.

We’re very happy for the new owners! Our house is now very quiet. The pups were very well behaved. Having Green here those last few days was a blast. We’re happy, and sad at the same time. If we produce another litter one day or not is up in the air. If we do, we’re definitely keeping a puppy back. Watching them all go twice is just too much to take, and we just couldn’t do it a third time. The journey was everything we expected, and more. Producing a litter (the right way) is tough. We are extra grateful to everyone that helped this process. As of now, there are 17 family members out there that will make the world a happier place for years to come. Also, thank you to everyone who kept track of this journey online! It isn’t over; as puppy pictures come in, we will post them here.


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