B Litter Puppy Update – January 6 2014

The puppies have been doing awesome this week. They are growing like weeds now.

Aura has been hanging out with them a bunch lately. She’ll lie down beside them and play with them. She is such a good mom. They no longer try to get milk from her at all.

Each morning we wake the puppies up and run out the back door. All 7 go potty at the same time. Then we do 2 or 3 laps around our fenced in area. The puppies clumsily follow along, it is hilarious. We will try to get pictures or a video of this as soon as possible.

Yesterday, 1/5/2014, something funny happened. All of the pups were by the back door. 3 were scratching at it and whining. We ran over to the door and let them out, and they all went potty! Woohoo! They are definitely not potty trained yet, but they have a strong desire to keep their area clean.

There has been a lot less fighting in this litter. By fighting we’re referring to healthy puppy socialization. The last litter had 7 boys and 2 girls. This litter is 3 boys and 4 girls. It is interesting to observe how different the 2 litters are.

On to some pictures!


Here we have the girl with the pink collar. She is very sweet.


Here we have the girl with the purple collar. She is fantastic as well.




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