B Litter Puppies – Day 12

The pups eat, the pups sleep. What a life! We’ve had it really good this litter. The work will start soon though, rest assured.

December 4 was day 12. Almost all of them are nearly 4lbs now. Aura can now leave them alone for an hour or two at a time, but when she comes back in to see them they all want a piece of her. Most of her day is spent with the pups, or sleeping on the couch beside the whelping box, literally 3′ away from them, keeping an eye on things.

She has been extra protective the last few days, and starts running by all of the windows and barking very loud at the slightest noise. She should start to settle down a bit maybe around 4 weeks in.

The pups are all starting to walk. We hope to get some video of this up soon. Right now they can lift themselves up by their front legs, and then the back legs kind of push them forward.

Here they are asleep. They often sleep in one huge bundle, but sometimes they pair up!


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