B Litter Pregnancy Update

Aura was at NCSU School of Veterinary Medicine again today for some prenatal care. She had a checkup, Xray, and we got some wormer for her.

She has never had worms before, but it is important to give a pregnant female dog wormer. Potential worms live in the muscle tissue of adult dogs and can be transmitted to pups via the umbilical cord. We do give the pups wormer as well. This is as proactive as you can possibly be.

The pups will have absolutely had the best care around.

Aura has been on a mix of adult food and puppy food for a few weeks now. As soon as she gives birth we’ll begin adding calcium to her diet. We expect her appetite to increase by 400%. We typically add eggs and cottage cheese to her diet at that point.

To read more about what we feed German Shepherds go here:

Aura will be on this wormer for 3 days leading up to whelping.






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