Aura’s Puppies, June 3, 2013

All puppies are doing great today. All puppies are gaining weight. Aura is eating lots of food- Royal Canin GSD 30 Puppy Food, plus an egg and cottage cheese, and a tiny bit of pumpkin for fiber. Aura is producing plenty of milk for all 9 pups and seems to be very happy to be taking care of her litter! Fina came by to say hello earlier and Aura gave her a warning growl to back off. Fina spent a lot of time away but is now resting right outside the whelping box. Poor Fina was never bred as she is a little small but is a fantastic dog with motherly instinct. She has been spending a lot of time just hanging out nearby, listening to all the yelping, grunting and licking sounds and Aura has been ok with it now that the boundaries are in place. They might just be the happiest 11 German Shepherds in North Carolina. Fina will be 8yrs old in September. Aura is 2.5.



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