Aura- C Litter Pregnancy Update- Day 47- Dec 2 2014

Today, December 2, 2104, Aura is on day 47 of gestation. At some point in the day she magically became noticeably larger. Her belly is getting bigger, hanging a little lower, and there is a “baby bump” on both sides of her. Many of these changes are subtle and easy for us to miss since we are with her every day, but today there was definitely a change that took place.

On the B litter, we were able to feel puppies 10 days prior to birth. The pups were born on day 60 of gestation. We have been spending 10 minutes each night when she is relaxed feeling her belly, waiting for movement. Nothing yet, but, if history repeats itself, we should be able to start feeling them on Friday, December 5.

She is currently on a 50/50 mix of adult food and puppy food. She’ll go to 100% puppy food shortly.


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