Aura- C Litter Pregnancy Update- Day 62- Dec 15 2014

Today is Monday, December 15, 2014. This is the date we initially had in mind for Aura to give birth. She is close! Very close! We’ll document the birth (possibly live) over here on this page.

Aura is in pre-labor as I type.

Today, Aura did not eat. She has gone to the bathroom several times. This is normal behavior- that way, after she has pups, she will not need to leave them to go to the bathroom nearly as often.

We have had no major temperature drop- we’ve been trying to leave her alone, so, we’ve only taken it once a day. Today it was 99.8. So, it is a bit low. She is normally a 100.5 temp dog. (temps drop prior to birth). We decided not to bother her with excessive temperature readings since we have a pretty good idea of when she’ll give birth anyways, and, historically she has never had any major temperature drops.

As of 10PM, she is breathing heavier than normal and unable to get comfortable. We have not seen any contractions yet, but there is not doubt that they will be coming soon.

Puppies will either be here tonight or tomorrow.

Here she is in her whelping box now.



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