Aura- C Litter Pregnancy Update- Day 51- Dec 6 2014

We just ordered the whelping collars.

Once the pups are born, for their first 8 weeks they’ll be referred to as “green” or “dark blue” or “pink”, etc.

They’re tracked every day for weight gain and comparison. I usually run weight gain percentages and things, too- although, the weight fluctuates quite a bit. One may gain quit a bit of weight one day and then none the next. On average, they will all gain some weight every day.

We ordered 10 collars. That had better be enough! We told the vet we only wanted 7. Aura gets an Xray on Monday, so we’ll know what to expect very soon.

These are Velcro branded collars! Once I goofed up and ordered some off brand. They faded and had to be thrown out within a week or two.

Here are the colors! I hope they work out good!

Wait….. I am just realizing that there is no pink! We must have a pink collar! What the heck? Who in their right mind puts out puppy collars with no pink collar?! Thanks random eBay seller. I just emailed them to see if they happen to have pink around that they can throw in. If not, the girls will not have many outfits to choose from…


– Len



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