Aura- C Litter Pregnancy Update- Day 50- Dec 5 2014

Today Aura took a bath! Or more of a warm shower. It was somehow therapeutic to give her. Washing a pregnant dog takes a long time- 45 minutes to be exact!

Her nails were trimmed a few days ago just before a walk. I like trimming them just before a walk, that way the pavement will file them down, and in the event she has an itch she will not scratch herself.

Her ears are clean, too. She is looking sharp.

After birth, it will be weeks before she leaves the puppies side for more than 30 seconds, so, this is the cleanest she’s going to get until 2015.

Aura has been lying around a lot. As I guessed 3 days ago, the puppies are kicking today! Right on time! This is the exact same day they were kicking on the last litter. I just set my hand on her side and I could very easily feel 2 of them. When they come out, all they do is eat and sleep. It is tough to imagine why they are in there doing jumping jacks.

After they are born, it will be around 2 weeks before they can see or hear; they have an amazing nose though. This is just the beginning of a long journey for these puppies.




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