Aura- C Litter Pregnancy Update- Day 49- Dec 4 2014

Today Aura went for a walk with us. She wasn’t really up for a ton of exercise. We just let her walk as much as she wants to at this point. We did under .5 miles today. Her belly is sagging lower to the ground by the minute it seems. Soon, she will be huge. When she goes out with us we take our Honda, that way she doesn’t need to jump into the SUV. She is very reluctant to jump in the first pace, but I can see in her eyes that she would attempt it if we don’t block her from the door when it is open. Not happening aura!

We felt a puppy move today! Each night we lie down beside her and slide our hand under her belly and leave it there for 10 minutes. Today, about 7 minutes in, there was 1 big bump. That was it. This means tomorrow we will feel more bumps, and next week we’ll feel little puppy feet in her belly doing karate kicks.



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