Adele Visits Aura

Adele came by for a visit recently (she was the purple collared puppy from he A litter). We’re not really in the dog watching business but Adele’s humans needed a hand as they are in the middle of a move, so we had Adele here for a few days. Adele had a blast! She has fantastic indoor manners.

We were interested to see how she would do when reunited with Aura (mommy) and it appeared they didn’t even recognize each other at all. After they warmed up to each other, Adele let Aura know she wanted to play and Aura was happy to play! We also have our 8yr old GSD Fina here, but she has become a bit of a couch potato lately. She still loves running around and exercising but she rarely plays with Aura. Aura was happy to have a playmate!

Adele wasn’t very hungry at first but we finally figured out that she wanted to be served breakfast in bed.
adele eating
By day 3 all the dogs were eating their own food without too much assistance (at the same time in the same room).
adele playing
Adele and Aura playing in the front yard. Aura’s tail is going back and forth so fast you can’t even see it. Adele would get Aura to chase her, then Aura would run after her. In this pic, they both had just slapped their front legs down onto the ground, and are about to take off running at full speed. Adele was starting to get tired and took a nap right after this.

Have fun Adele!



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