“A” Litter Puppy Update – July 17 2013 – lots of pictures

We finally have a decent update here on our A litter.

As some of you have noticed, our blog has been a bit quiet lately. It has been a rough week. We had some family in the hospital, and had to replace one of out family vehicles, but all is well now.

If you’ve been following the blog, you know that we removed our carpet and the puppies are on a cement surface now. This doesn’t look fantastic, but is wonderful for the pups. We put puppy pads and blankets down but they prefer the cool surface. It gets cleaned and sanitized about 6 times each day when they go outside for potty breaks. It is hot out but nice and cool in the house as we have a new air conditioner.

Last night they took down our makeshift wall and had a huge party in the house. It is essentially puppy-proof, but wow, what a mess- it took a solid 4 hours to pick up! The pups just don’t know any better yet.

After we were finished cleaning the house, all 9 pups had baths. They were filthy! With 9 of them, they get dirty fast- sometimes in minutes. We then put them on a clean white puppy pad for pictures! Their personalities have changed a bit since week 5. Right now, they are about 6.5 weeks old, and all 9 are doing excellent.

Their current schedule is:
8AM wake up. We get up at 7:30 and soak the puppy food. At 8AM, we take them outside the second they awake. All of them go potty and we tell them “good potty”. Then they charge over to us for a petting, and then we jog around the back yard. All 9 run after us at the same time. After 2 laps, some of them will start to go potty again, and some will plop down to watch, then when we come by again they join back in. Then we set the food down and observe. They eat, then wrestle, and when they start to settle down, back into the house they go for a nap.
12PM repeat.
8PM repeat.
Around 3PM, 6PM, and 1AM, they go out for breaks and playtime. We put out cold water for them often as well.

At this point, we have 2 males available, but we have 3 or 4 people strongly considering getting a pup, so, they’re pretty much sold at this point. 🙁 Some of the pups are spoken for and have no name yet or have not been placed yet, but we will put names where we can.

7/19/2013 they get their health exam, vaccinations and microchip, and some are going home on 7/20/2013, and others 7/27/2013, and other misc dates right around then. They will be missed, and we hope that we receive pictures and updates. A much overdue trip to the beach is in store for us and the kids when the pups are gone.

Well, on to the pictures (in alphabetic order of their collar color)!

Here we have the black collared puppy. His colors are coming in great. He wants to get down!
We got a couple of good pictures of him, but now he’s had enough. A bath, then pictures, “what is wrong with these people?” he says.


Brown collar is now Ace! Ace vom Hektor Haus, that is. He is a great horse, I mean, dog. He is ready for his nap!



Ace vom Hektor Haus again. Look at those legs.


Dark Blue
Dark Blue has a new name now, too. Achilles! All of them are super cute, but he was feeling extra photogenic today!


Achilles vom Hektor Haus. We could look at those ears all day long.


Green has no name just yet but it is coming soon. He has the little white patch on his chest. Will it stay or not? A couple of his rear toes were white, and have since changed.


After all of the exitement, green took a puppy nap.


lt blue
Light Blue has no name either. He is making such a silly face here. I’d hate to upset him.
lt blue
Light blue again. He’s doing the “puppy plop”.
Pink! Oh pink, we were going to keep you, you are so affectionate and loving, but we met a wonderful family that wants to adopt you and make you part of their family. Pink was the first born. We were going to call her Ada, but her new family will likely pick out their own name for her. What will it be? We love you pink, please send us pictures once in a while.


Purple is Adele vom Hektor Haus. Yes, she has a red collar, but she is the “purple collared puppy”- her new family sent her the collar. And toys. And blankets. And hugs and kisses. And more toys. 🙂 Adele is going to a miniature zoo. Just kidding, she will have a couple of well mannered doggy playmates, cats, turtles, birds, and some pet fanatic parents adopting her! We may even visit her a couple of times just to see all of the other animals! 🙂


Purple / Adele vom Hektor Haus
Red! He is awaiting his new name as well. He is getting dried off here. **UPDATE 7/17 9:30PM Red will be named “Abe”.


Red almost all dried off. I think he is wondering why we keep pointing the camera at him!
Yellow! He is now Axel vom Hektor Haus. Axel may be a therapy dog. He is super sweet and curious. Today he was very antsy so we’re obviously distracting him to get a pic!


Yellow / Axel again. He was just outside for 5 minutes with his siblings, and now they’re all panting. Cool down Axel! And welcome to North Carolina in July!


A deer roams in the backyard in the middle of the afternoon. She is 12 feet from our peach trees. So that is why they all disappeared last week. At least someone is enjoying them…


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