“A” Litter Puppy Update – 8 Weeks Old

It has been yet another long week here of transmissions breaking and other miscellaneous challenges. Thankfully the rain has finally let up a bit so that the pups don’t get rained on when they go outside. What a wet summer!

Most of the pups were picked up this week. We have Abe here who will be picked up and headed towards Virginia Beach this week. We have our pup which we decided to name Audo. And we have the black collared puppy. At the last minute before pickup the new potential owner decided it would be best if he waited for a future litter. We had turned away many people who were interested, so here he remains. He is absolutely beautiful and a large male. Someone is going to get an awesome dog.

Many of the new pups going home have had a bit of an appetite loss for a day or two when they first get to their new home. This is normal. It is NOT that they do not “like their food”. While here, when we feed them, all of them attack the food at once. This started at birth while there were 9 puppies and 8 nipples and has continued. We’re certain they have a bit of “separation anxiety” and may even take their time eating now that they do not have to compete for it.

Overall the reports coming from new owners have been fantastic! We have reports of them staying by the new owner’s side, following them around, going to the door to go potty, etc. They had a really solid head start and we’re happy that they are doing so well at their new homes. As pictures start coming in we’ll post them here on our blog!

We introduced a crate into their area this week and have some puppy blankets hanging from the ceiling of it. Right now they run inside the crate, bite onto the blankets and thrash their head around. They are really enjoying it, and they were even fighting over who got to be in it this week- each playing “king of the crate” here and there. This is going to make crate training that much easier.

We do not have a lot of pictures this week, but we do have a video clip of Abe running to us below. Ad this was at 7 weeks of age! We have and haven’t been training. We haven’t been doing anything special or training with treats, but between the praise they get from us and the ability to get along in with a pack of 9 pups they’ve had an awesome head start.

Oh, and their names. So far we have:

Arnold (aka Patton / General Patton)
Tessa (aka Asset)
The puppy with the black collar. If he is here much longer, we will name him.


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