Woman Charged with Animal Abuse, 14 German Shepherd Dogs Taken

I’m 40 and I work out daily. My 8 year old German Shepherd sleeps a lot but I can barely keep up with her. These are very high energy dogs. When I hear about someone with 5, 6, or 7 of these dogs running some disgusting kennel operation, it really boils my blood.

According to the Wyckoff-Franklin Lakes Daily Voice, Danielle Weitz was served with several animal cruelty complaints after 14 German Shepherd Dos were confiscated from her by authorities.

The SPCA served Weitz with 14 counts of “failure as the owner or as a person otherwise charged with the care of a living animal or creature to provide the living animal or creature with necessary care.”

According to the article, Weitz has been cited in the past as well.

House deemed uninhabitable

Allegedly, the conditions in the home were so bad, officials deemed the home uninhabitable. At this point, we’re not sure if the house will need to be torn down or not, but apparently it is no longer safe to live in.


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